Remarks on Political Discourse and Amicable Lodge

We are more than just men, we are Freemasons, and that means something to me.   One virtue, which Masonry prides itself on, is too absent in the profane world: civility.  We cannot expect agreement on all subjects.  Nor should we try.  But we should expect civility to form the foundation of Fraternal interactions at all times. I know that public opinions may be fierce at this moment of time. Freemasonry is a universal society where men come together to sit at the table of brotherly Love. Please consider keeping discussion about current events and uncivil discourse about the same from the life and activities of our Lodge.  It can only bring about disharmony and misunderstanding.

You are not just men.  You are Freemasons.  I know that means something to you. Every Mason has been put in charge by the Worshipful Master to ever walk and act a just and upright Mason. You are each the representative of our Lodge, our Craft, and our Fraternity.  As Master, I remind you that at every moment you are bound to act uprightly as when placed in the Northeast corner of the lodge.  I cannot speak to each of you moral obligations in this world.  Nor should I. It is between you, your conscience, and your God to constitute the standard and boundary of right.  If we fail to hold ourselves to the measure of our ritual than our ceremonies are without substantive meaning. It could have pleased the Great Architect of the Universe to make us as seraphs in heaven, in a world beyond goodness.  But we are men.  Moral actors in a moral world and we must hold ourselves to our high moral standards.

Freemasonry regards a man, not for the external qualities, but internal qualities of his nature. His morals, his conscience, and his soul are the standard by which we are judged.  I will be absolutely clear about a certain point:  bias against a brother Mason on the basis of his national origin, skin color, sexual orientation, religion,  and especially his political affiliations is antithetical to our purpose.  It is every Masons duty to remember that he is part of a universal brotherhood.  At certain times the broader world may be without our tenets: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.  We must ever embody, adhere to, and protect the virtues that unite us.

Sincerely, Amicably, and Fraternally,
Nicholas H. Batzell
Worshipful Master, Amicable Lodge