Amicable Lodge relies on the volunteer service of its members to operate, including in the procurement of catering, refreshments, supplies, and other necessities for our smooth operations. Members who have incurred an expense on behalf of the lodge at the direction of the Master, Wardens or Committeeman empowered to do make expenditures on behalf of the lodge may submit these expenses for reimbursement.

How to Submit Expense Reimbursements Requests

To submit a reimbursement, email a digital photograph of all applicable receipts to This will forward your reimbursement request to the Master, Wardens and Treasurer for fulfillment.

The email should contain the following:

Subject: “Reimbursement: [Amount Due], [Purpose]” (e.g., “Reimbursement: $85.23, February 2019 Dinner Expenses”

Body: A brief explanation of the expense, and how you would prefer reimbursement.

For example: “Please find attached my receipts for cups, food, and beverages I purchased as Senior Steward for our February 2019 meeting. I would prefer reimbursement via Paypal to (or, “I would prefer reimbursement by check to John Smith, 124 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02140”).

Please be advised that electronic submission is required for reimbursement. All paper receipts offered in person will be refused.

If you wish to be reimbursed for an expense but do not have a receipt, please email with a note explaining the circumstances.